Woman’s Condo Sold Over $95 Tax Bill

Norcross, Ga–Georgia resident Xiu Lui is facing the loss of ownership of and eviction from her condo over an unpaid tax bill of $94.85 that she never received.

Not only did Lui never get the bill, she also never got the memo that her precious home was up for sale and sold at an auction. She was given until November 25 to pack her things and take a hike. As it turns out, the letter never even had a complete address. There was nothing on the envelope that could point to any person or home at all.

Of course, there are the obvious questions, like perhaps why there was no follow up letter, or why a city issued bill would be handled so carelessly, but none of this is the central problem. Why, why, is there a blind zero tolerance rule on late bills? Lui’s past records have proven to be exemplary. She has regularly made all payments and met all necessary fees and deadlines for three full years. She has not ignored any bills or fines issued by any entity.

Was the city’s fifteen-year-old secretary too focused on Beyonce’s marriage problems to write a real address and incapable of making a proper follow up bill when the payment wasn’t received?

But never fear, Norcross City Manager Rudolph Smith is on the case. He rigorously took a stand and stated that “they” would be, “doing their due diligence.”

However, since the condo has already been sold, they’re not exactly sure how to fix the boo boo.

Since when does America wring the taxpayers dry and carry out ridiculous punishments for people who trip out of line once in an indigo moon?

Oh wait, since like, always.

The extent of the city’s “apology” was simply the confessions that mistakes were made.

Gee, what a holly jolly heartfelt sorry that was, Georgia.


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