Picture Perfect

We, as creatures of all different shapes and sizes, have an insane tendency to dwell on every little banal detail of our lackadaisically mediocre lives and convince ourselves that we are outstanding, upstanding and absolutely flawless. Almost all intelligent–and I use this word as loosely as possible–life forms have a deep incessant need to stand out and oxymoronically blend in all at once in order to create a picture perfect image of themselves that makes very little sense to the sensible and a great deal of importance to the ignorant.

Why the sudden sincerely sad cynicism? Have you turned on the television? Did you hear of the MTV? Did you visit the Facebook? People of the 21st century have officially all gone bonkers, and not in the good way.

I do maintain that there is good in losing one’s mind, if one loses it correctly.

But in reality, the trends have gotten out of hand. The music has become absolutely horrendous. The people we have come to idolize are absolutely idiotic. And dear god don’t even get me started on the vocabulary.

Speaking of.

Vocab word of the day:

Swag (adj.): a perverted version of the Shakespearean term “swagger” that has come to be used to describe of the ways of the absolutely and positively moronic herd of human.

Ex: That rapper’s swag is so intense that he is now a drug addict.



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