Prison Sentence Selfie

West London, England—Five hooligan gang members face drug possession and sale charges after posing for photos holding narcotics and cannabis and advertising their sales operation on social networks.

Sophian Chhayra, 24, and Zakaria Chentouf, 24, posed for pictures including mountains of British pounds that they confessed were acquired through illegal drug-related transactions in the neighborhoods of Kensington and Chelsea in London.

Ahmed Mahomud, 20, and Fouad Soussi, 21, confessed to involvement in controlled supply of drugs, while Yousif Mahomud, 19, admitted to involvement only with the sale of Class-B drugs in West London.

Aside from the fact that all five men obviously have no ability to use a normal thought process, it is glaringly obvious that, like I’ve been melodramatically harping on about for too long, current trends and social networks have brain-bathed inhabitants of planet earth to the point where even people who were able to create an almost impressive high-paying illegal supply-and-demand circuit have a deep need to show off and advertise their exploits online.

Then again, maybe smarter people created the operation and these idiots just wanted to gain “respect” or perhaps “reverence” for being super duper faux hardcore gangsters.

But that’s not why I consider this stupid news; at least, not entirely. Note three of the five men’s names. See any deeper connection than friendship?

Ahmed Mahomud, Fouad Soussi and Yousif Mahomud are MuslimMiddle Eastern names! If there is anyone who should not be advertising any illegal or even questionable activity, it’s YOU! Can you tell me the last time a Muslim got a pass on a crime he actually committed, particularly in the West? Don’t worry. I’ll wait.

I’m not trying to get political or racist here, but even if we don’t like it, we have to live in the real world. This is a crime that even a normal white male is very unlikely be able to get away with, especially in a fair trial. Even if these men get a light punishment, there will be a target on their backs for the rest of their sad, pathetic lives.

We all do thoughtless and sometimes immoral things to look cool every once in a while, but you don’t leave evidence.

Maybe they should all plead insanity, because it is very depressing and difficult to believe that there are average people in this chaotic and clearly crumbling world who are this ridiculously idiotic.

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