Voting was Very Very…

…for lack of a synonymous “v” word: pointless?

I didn’t vote.

Nope. I did not use my birthright that was awarded to me at age 18, today. In fact, I have never voted at all.

Well, no. I voted in spirit for Obama in his first term, and got my parents to actually hit the polls for the first, but admittedly disappointing, black president. I was only 17 at the time.

But anyway, the point is, I didn’t vote. Why? I’ll tell you why. I hate both parties. The democrats are not truly democratic and the republicans, well, let’s say they’ve never been my favorite team.

People usually vote democratic for the obvious “rights” that they promote: abortion, gay marriage, false promise of financial aid, etc. Apparently, Republicans don’t find either of the former very attractive for their political crusade.

Which, side note, I don’t really get. People who are so vehemently anti-homosexuals are working so hard to debilitate and eradicate them from society, but for what?

It’s not affecting your life. If you don’t like it, don’t participate. Don’t go to the parades. Don’t watch movies with gay people in them. Don’t hang out in Philly’s “Gayborhood.” Just mind your own goddamn business.

It doesn’t matter if I agree with gay marriage. I’m not gay, and I’m not getting married. If someone else wants to submit themselves the to candy-coated torture that is lifelong legal union, they can have at it. Why on earth should I give a damn who’s sticking what in where if I’m not getting screwed?

Sure, a lot of people consider it a sin, but again, it’s not your sin. You are not going to hell because someone else is gay, so worry about where you’re ending up after you kick the bucket.

Get over yourself. This is not about you.

I am not an activist. I am not someone who walks in pride parades of any kind. I am the guy looking out of his fifteenth floor window in New York City bitching about the traffic.

But going back to the voting thing, I’m always being told that I have to be part of the system. If I want things to change, I have to cast a vote or stop whining.

Let me tell you why that’s ridiculous.

Whether we can all accept it or not, we do not have control over what happens in our country. You can pick whoever you want, but each and every candidate has a higher power to answer to that is not you, or for my more religious folks, god. Sorry for the newsflash.

And yes, that includes the president, because as much as I loathe Barrack the Rock Obama, he doesn't really call all the shots, so even I have to admit that not everything is a result of his complete failure as head of state.

Who was running for office that I truly gave a damn about, yesterday? No one. No one at all. Who was running for office that actually mattered? No one. No one at all.

Like, for example, Tom Corbett was running in Pennsylvania. Let’s talk a little bit about Corbett–the guy whose wife went on television to tell the world that her husband was not a politician, nor did he know how to be.

Great political statement, lady. You do know politician does not directly mean lying asshole, right?

Politician (n.): a person who is professionally involved in politics, especially as a holder of or a candidate for an elected office.

Ex: Tom Corbett is not a politician, and is therefore not fit for office.

Maybe it’s that little statement that cost him the election.

What I’m saying is, as long as I have been alive, these elections have never made any real impact on my daily life. I grew up, I went to college, I graduated college last May, I am unemployed–thanks for the help with that one, Obama–and I’m severely single. None of these things were interrupted by people choosing the wrong senator.

I doubt Tom Wolfe will be any different.

You can burn me at the stake and say that people like me are the reason nothing is getting done, but you would be lying to yourself. People like me aren’t in the way. The people you’re voting into office are.

I don’t vote lesser of two evils, because I will never vote for anything I don’t one hundred percent believe in. I don’t believe in our politicians, I don’t believe in our current political platforms and I don’t believe that my finger on a button is going to do anything.

I am just a super pale American girl who would rather write about the dumb shit other people do than participate in a futile attempt by other powerless souls to fix their dumb shit.

And I guess it’s kind of hypocritical, since I worked on the 2012 voting campaign at Temple U, but let’s face it, that was pretty much for my own selfish need to fatten up my resume to the point of obesity before graduation.

Plus, staying unregistered has kept me off the jury duty list, and I’d like to keep it that way.

I’ve got unemployment to focus on, thanks.

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