Mohamed Elshazly–Gone but never forgotten

55-year-old Mohamed “Mike” Elshazly passed away last Monday due to complications in surgery and terminal glioblastoma.

El-shazly was the father of four children: Amanda Elshazly, Nicholas Elshazly, Adam Elshazly and Sophie Elshazly. He was the husband of Sara Elshazly, eldest brother of six children, son of Afaf and Ref’at Elshazly, an uncle to clowder of children and a friend to many.

Although his life was short, Elshazly contributed a lot to the people around him, both close and distant. His love, affection, kindness and generosity were confirmed by a great number of family members, friends and even distant relatives.

Elshazly’s mother reminisced the wonderful moments that were given to her by her son, and admitted that, of all her children, she had always been particularly fond of him. His gentle nature was a constant comfort to her, and after the death of her husband, he took care of her as well as he could.

Even after he fell ill, Elshazly still went out of his way to show his love for the people around him. Despite his sickness, he, along with his wife, drove four hours simply to attend his niece’s graduation party, still bearing a heartwarming smile.

His funeral took place last Tuesday in Long Island, New York, and people both near and far came to honor his memory. His family, friends and acquaintances lined up side by side to pray for his forgiveness and granting of paradise.

As an attest to how wonderful a person he was, more than forty people made the prayer and said their final goodbyes as he was lowered into the ground.

Despite the heartbreak of his passing, he has far from disappeared.

Not being present is not the same as being gone, and he is one of the few people on earth who are gifted with living on forever in the hearts and memories of the people who loved him, and will always love him.

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