Wallace Gilberry Money Sign Sack Celebration

Cincinnati Bengals 30
Cleveland Browns 0

Among the most talked about NFL game moments this season is the Cincinatti Bengals defensive end Wallace Gilberry’s “money sign” celebration after sacking Cleveland Browns QB Johnny “Football” Manziel in yesterday’s game.

Now, aside from the fact that it is absolutely obnoxious that it is being talked about repeatedly on almost every sports network–that’s enough ESPN–I cannot fathom why Gilberry is celebrating so hard like he just won the Super Bowl.

Listen. This sack was nothing special. A rookie QB playing for a 7-7 AFC team getting sacked by a DE on a 9-4-1 AFC team holding the number one spot in their division is not groundbreaking. You were basically playing yourselves, Cincinnati.

And Manziel and his confused fans should stop crying about Gilberry stealing his “signature” celebration move. Have you never seen a troll, before?

Manziel did make a statement about the game taking some of the blame for the loss, which was big of him to admit it.

Not that everyone wasn’t already thinking it.

And I would respect it if he hadn’t sounded so incredibly pretentious while he said it and pretend he didn’t even see Gilberry’s signature sign steal.

“I’m not using the rookie excuse,” he said, and then proceeded to blame being new for the failure on the field.

Okay, Johnny F. Say it with a little more conviction, and maybe we’ll believe you.

Or maybe I’m just a biased Bengals fan with a hidden agenda.

It’s a lame celebration move anyway, Manziel. You can do better than that.

Or perhaps go back to baseball.

It’s really about time everyone got over the whole thing so it can just blow over. The Browns aren’t going anywhere this season, anyway, so stop talking about it.

I may be part of the problem.

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