Human Trafficking a Fun New Facebook Feature

Misty Vanhorn, a 22-year-old a resident of Oklahoma, attempted to sell her own children on Facebook to collect money for her boyfriend’s bail. Apparently, VanHorn was offering each child for $1,000 or, clearly as a belated, bizarre Black Friday Sale, $4,000 for both.

And it doesn’t stop there. Someone actually responded to her advertisement. A woman in Arkansas attempted to take the offer, but just before the transaction was made, some sensible soul on Facebook decided to go stool pigeon all over their shady deals.

Although the customer’s identity remains unknown, Vanhorn was arrested and charged with child trafficking, which could mean up to 10 years of jail-time in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, or a fine of up to $10,000.00 per violation.

Aside from the ridiculous irony of attempting to sell one’s own children for the sake of another supposed love one, it has become apparent that it’s possible that all intelligent life has left Facebook and moved on.

With the amount of people advertising their crimes online so far, it’s really frightening to know that there are actually humans with so little common sense and a barely existing moral compass roaming the internet–and the world–freely.

We all thought Facebook was safer than Myspace? I guess not.

And her poor boyfriend’s still in jail.

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