We Do NOT Speak Ill of Tom Brady

There are three unquestionable rules of friendship:

We do not Speak ill of Tom Brady.
We do not speak ill of Dez Bryant.
We do not speak ill of Aaron Rodgers.

Tom Brady: Anyone who doesn’t like Tom Brady is just a hater. This guy’s the QB of the team that’s clinched its division and gained home game advantage in the AFC. He has thrown 33 touchdowns and passed 4,000 yards, but haters goin’ hate, Tom.

Dez Bryant: holding ninth place in passing yardage in the NFL this year, scoring 14 touchdowns–the highest number this season–and racking up 1,221 yards to date. As far as Wide Receivers go, this guy is definitely my personal MVWR.

Aaron Rodgers: The Packers haven’t been doing the absolute best in the NFL this season, but they’ve been holding their own. They’re 11-4 and second in the NFC North division. Sure, there are better QBs than Rodgers, BUT he has been a consistently good player. He didn’t have a huge dip between seasons, unlike like the Manning brothers (seriously, Peyton?). Plus, he did throw more three more touchdowns and four less interceptions than Tom Brady this season. He also doubled the number of TDs he passed last year. He’s talented, and a little underrated.

Since the play-offs are on deck, I’ll be ranting about the NFL from now until February’s Arizona Super Bowl.

That is all.

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