Meeting a “Mate” Means Making More Mistakes

Has anyone tried online dating? It’s kind of awkward and creepy to me, but my cousin pressured me into trying it. I feel like I’m going to end up meeting 169384 guys who say that they’re something that they’re not, and I will end up with some guy who milks cows for a living and calls himself a vet.

Am I nervous for no reason? I’m not really into getting into a “real” relationship, but my parents are hugely on my back. My mom is dying to see me in some type of long-term relationship. She says I am only refusing out of fear.

No, actually, it’s dislike, nay, complete contempt, for the idea of marrying/being with someone until death do us part. Mating with one creature forever is like getting life in prison. Same face every day. Same conversation. Same need of the other person to find emotional connections that I do not even have.

I refuse to get into an arranged marriage. It’s just not for me. It’s too medieval and primitive.

So, what’s an Arab girl to do?

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