Beneath Earth’s Skin

Fourteen beautiful sunrises
Come to pass him in the night
A thousand yellow daisies
Shelter him from sight
As cornish hens
With tens of roosters
Lay in wake of morning’s sunrise
His eyes , those eyes
If eyes
Focused on a beauty
Perhaps created
Perhaps born
A simple enigma in everlasting question
His confusion, everlasting obsession
A ghost of the day
A faint outline in the night
He watches them sleep
Safe in their slumber
A few mere hours
Sandmen hold them under
A silence breaches the sounds of his screams
His unfound wings carry him through the air
His disembodied soul
Determined to breathe
Finds solace only
In rotting despair
Humanity he’d never learned to cherish
As they begin to turn their backs
Forgetting the creature
They had lost to the earth
The dirt settles firmly
They step on his face
They walk through him quickly
He fades in disgrace
He watches the sunrise
Again it comes to pass
Cries out for the chances
He’d never again have

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