Disney Observation: Pluto vs Goofy

So Goofy and Pluto were created in the 1930s by good Ol’ Walt Disney, right? Both are so cute and lovable and all that good stuff.

But here’s the thing: they are both dogs.

Pluto lives outside, in a dog house, is mute and generally irrelevant.

Goofy lives in a house, interacts with other “people,” and gets to talk up a storm.

Pluto: decently smart. Contributes very often. Doesn’t seem to make any idiotic mistakes.

Goofy: total dumb ass. Can’t do anything right. Talks like he has perpetual Peter Pan Syndrome.

Here’s the kicker: Goofy was black. Pluto was white.

Work that one out, folks.

Conspiracy Theories 101.


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