Hotline BlinK! Hotline BLINK. IT’S NOT THAT HARD.

What the actual hell does that even mean? When it first came out, I thought it was “Hotline Blink.” That would make sense. The hotline is blinking. A hotline cannot “bling.” Is this one of those things that just add to stereotypes that black people are uneducated? Because why.

And speaking of which, who the hell allowed Omarion to make a song called “Post to Be.” Seriously? At least make it “‘posed to be,” so it’s still slang but makes sense. Post to be? WHY?

It really makes me angry, this kind of crap, because it just fuels stereotypes. You don’t have to sing in perfect English, but at least make SOME fucking sense. Let me define “post” for you, Omarion.

Post (n.): mail.
Post (v.): to hang
Post (v.): to publish
Post (n.): a piece of metal (or other sturdy material) set up as a support or point of attachment

“Post to Be” is not an acceptable phrase. It’s just not.

As for you, Drake, I really just don’t understand what you were thinking, or rather what your writers were thinking, since you damn sure don’t write your own music. You know what else I don’t understand? Your dancing. Was this actually a tribute to your first dance recital in third grade ballet? Dude, no. Come on.

Your Canadian is showing a lot, lately. Get it together, man.

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