How to dematerialize entirely in an irreversible fashion

This is where I stand alone
I’ve nowhere else that I can go
My deepest and my darkest fears
Are choking me with absent tears
The shadows wrap around me tight
I have no will to stand and fight
My blood had yet to run so cold
I have no heart, my soul’s been sold
To pay the price I can’t be sure
For what I’ve done there is no cure
We never meant to go this far
Addiction’s where the helpless are
If I ever disappear
My name is all you’ll ever hear
My silent whispers make no sound
But they encase you all around
This terror will be nothing new
My words will never ring so true
I win I lose I’m here I’m gone
They’ll call my name from dusk til dawn
My body’s slowly going numb
And when I go you’ll surely come
This is where our souls are drawn
They’ll leave us here, both dead and gone

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