Aromantic Non-Asexual

How do you tell someone you’re dating that you’re aromantic?
“I like you…as long as we each stay in our own respective corners.”
“Let’s try not telling each other how we feel.”
“Let’s not hug.”
“Let’s not hold hands.”
“Let’s just refrain from all nonsexual physical contact.”
“It’s not you. It’s me.”
“No, seriously. It’s me.”
“Wait, I’m not breaking up with you. I just don’t desire you romantically.”
“I don’t actually feel anything.”
“I’ve been lying this whole time.”
“I’m doing what they tell me I should be doing.”
“The normal thing.”
“That doesn’t mean I like it.”
“Oh god.”
“I am a bitch.”

How do you tell your friends you’re aromantic?
“We have always chalked my aversion for monogamy up to commitment issues.”
“I pretend to care more than I do so no one thinks I’m crazy or lying.”
“The thrill of chase is all I care about.”
“I don’t like him.”
“I don’t truly like any of them.”
“I am just not supposed to be alone.”
“That’s what everyone says, anyway.”
“That doesn’t make me fucked up or weird.”
“But you would think I am.”
“So I am trying to be normal.”
“Everyone wants to be with someone.”
“But I would rather be alone.”
“It’s not that I’m a crazy masochist who wants no people in her life.”
“I do want other people around.”
“I want friends and family.”
“But romance is foreign to me.”
“I don’t understand it.”
“So I pretend to.”
“Quite well, I might add.”

No Romo

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