Be. Racist. Do. You.

Let me begin by stating that this is is no way a post about the horrors of racism. I am not tearing into my vocal cords to preach about equality and fairness and all those wonderful–or perhaps awful–things, because I refuse to waste my time. Racism is what it is. Please, go on to be self-righteous, bigoted and deluded.

Be racist!

I am, however, asking you to have the common courtesy not to add people on social networks and then proceed to bash their cultural, racial or religious affiliations right in front of them. If you absolutely have to deal with said group of people, at the very least fake it. Have a little class. It is extremely trashy to become friends with someone and then offend them. If you no longer use “teen” when admitting to your real age, you should know better.

That is aside from the fact that it can get you seriously hurt and throw off the balance of even the simplest daily tasks or routines. Many, many people have a much lower tolerance for bigotry than I, and most of them don’t hide behind sardonic remarks and backhanded compliments to make a point.

Again, I don’t say this because I want everyone to sit in a circle and chime “kumbaya.” That isn’t the issue at hand. People who are racist remain racist even when acted upon by an unbalanced force.

Yes, physics lies.

Newton didn’t know very much about white supremacy, yet.

Or maybe he did. I didn’t know him very well.

And because I wanted to use a more provocative title, I did not use my preferred, cleverly unclever, title for this post: “Racism Rears its Repulsive…Retinas.”

Yes, retinas. “Head” didn’t exactly fit.

I am addicted to alliteration.

Blame whitey. He/She/It fucked with my poor ‘lil head.

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