Getting Over Guilt

It can a difficult endeavor, evading guilt. It comes in many forms: guilt over past mistakes, guilt over not fulfilling responsibilities, guilt over not being what you are “supposed to be,” and many others. It looms over us, like a dark cloud of regret that neither quite goes away nor entirely consumes us.

Guilt can be the driving force that makes us commit more sins in favor of resolving old ones. It is an ache in the pit of your stomach that manifests at the worst of times, sneaking up on you and capturing you in its grasp and lulling you into a sort of daze that seems unshakeable.

Sometimes, it is easy to swallow it, to pretend it isn’t there. It is possible to keep it at bay, forcing it to consume someone else as you live your life without it, but it catches up. It always, always catches up.

The only way to keep it from hurting you is to accept it. Accept your mistakes. Accept that you are not an angel. Accept that to make mistakes is to be human, and the very fact that the guilt exists proves that you deserve forgiveness and redemption. You have a conscience, no matter how feeble, and in the very deep burrows of whatever girth of a heart you have, there is at least a semblance of good. As long as you still have this, you are ultimately safe.

The deepest and most detrimental mistake we can make is to allow guilt to make us do things that we do not want to do. It is not a sin to be who we are, and better a broken promise than a picture perfect lie.

Guilt can eat away at you until you no longer have the strength to simply be, and our biggest challenge is finding a way to forgive ourselves. You will never overpower anything if you cannot learn to allow yourself to be sorry without feeling sorry for yourself.

You are often your own worst enemy. You have to learn to fight it without managing to lose yourself in the process.

Remember that you can only ever be human.

Some cliches exist for a reason.

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