Just a Random thought before I tragically forget

I need a new wristband. I have four on, now; two on each side. The one on my right was on for six years and the one on my left for only one year each. I need another addition for the veteran side.

Any ideas? I’m struggling.
On my left are a Slytherin band, an Unforgivable Curse band, and a band that says, “Potentia Par Vis.”
On the right is just Bullet For My Valentine.
I don’t listen to BFMV anymore. It’s just been too long and I can’t just take it off.

Anyword, I need another band. I’m caught between Aerosmith, Rancid, The Distillers, Social Distortion, Dropkick Murphys, the Rolling Stones, and…well…a lot more.

I am stuck.
Suggestions, anyone?
Not that I gave you much to go on.

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