Oppression by any other name is Censorship

In our society, we have an unsaid obligation to keep ourselves boxed into two categories: the classy and the classless. It is either one or the other, and apparently, using “obscenities” tends to land you in the latter.

They are swear words. Curse words. Words of questionable decency. They go by many names, many meanings, in fact. They’re censored on both television and radio–my condolences to George Carlin–and using them is likely have some serious negative repercussions on your entire future.

That sounds dramatic, because it is dramatic.

However, I don’t think I could ever do without them. They let out frustration in a truly therapeutic fashion. Try it.

“What is going on?”
“What the FUCK is going on?”

The latter feels far more satisfying if you let it.

And let’s talk about censorship as a whole for a second. No one should have the power to control what we can or cannot say in any medium. If people find the possibility of hearing a crude word or two too harsh on the hearing aids, rate the content of the channel or show as a warning.

Or maybe it’s time to sit the general public down and have a talk about irrational fears and popular culture. Calm down. Relax. They are just letters arranged in a specific order to relieve tension, anger and stress.

Sometimes, curse words add flavor, even gusto, to what you are saying. There’s a sort of confidence associated with it; a true, “devil-may-care” air to your words that make you feel like a boss.

Censorship in itself is a form of oppression, and the rules and guidelines created are the collective opinions of a group of people who probably think the same way. It doesn’t make sense for us to allow people–most of whom we do not even know–to tell us what is acceptable to come out of our own mouths in what can be referred to as “mixed company.”

The Federal Communications Committee probably just needs to get laid and have tree branches surgically removed from their asses.

In the immortal words of Marshall, “The FCC won’t let me be, let me be me, so let me see…but it feels so empty without me.”

So, why the fuck can’t I tell people to fuck off in public?

I think I’ll do it, anyway.

Guess this is why I can’t find a journalism job to save my life.

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