The Curse of the Adorable Baby

Kids are obnoxious. They’re the worst. I’m sorry, but I sincerely do not understand the draw of babies. They’re messy, loud, inconsiderate, rude, difficult and useless.

Oh my god. I’m a giant baby.

Sans the excessive crying and inability to control bowel movements.

All I’m saying is, there is nothing adorable about children. Hanging out with kids is torture. If you are female, they’ll ruin your poor body. If you are male, they’ll ruin your poor bank account. They are not really cute. It’s a facade to trap you into giving birth and living a hellish life completely attached and responsible for a whole other person, who will grow up to be a piece of shit teenager who is completely ungrateful for what you sacrificed for him/her.

That took a really dark turn.

I’m just going to stop here.

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