Nastily Exhausting Nightmares and Dastardly Other-Worldly Dreams

I keep having these horrible recurring nightmares that make me wake up in a complete panic. A different person is featured in each of the dreams–some people I know and some I don’t–but the same thing happens every single time. Faces change, but the events do not. I am even wearing the exact same dress every single time–a pure white ball gown with trumpet sleeves. Then, I wake up in tears.

The dream always takes place on my wedding night, and I’ll have just walked into my hotel room with my supposed husband. He walks toward me, smiling like mad, obviously ready to consummate the marriage. That’s when, in the dream, I start hyperventilating. Seconds later, I wake up already crying and breathing hard.

The last time I had it was the worst of all. There was screaming involved.

I am so screwed.


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