The Sin of a Snarky Sisterly Scrutiny

Just to keep everyone up-to-date, my grandmother is still in the hospital. Now for yet another day, alone. I work at a partial care mental health facility, so I can’t be there during the day.

Now, my brother called me last night and asked me how I am, and I exploded out of frustration and had an anxiety attack. I was taking care of an 82-year-old woman with congestive heart failure while studying and working. Call me weak if you must, but there it is.

Upon hearing this from me, my brother contacted my mother’s siblings and had a fit.

All caught up? Moving on.

I received several interesting phone calls while I was at work, today. The first came from my brother, who is a million miles away somewhere in the Middle East. He was just calling to check on me, because my blood sugar has been on the fritz and sleep evades me. Nothing special, there.

The second was a call from my mother’s brother. He also first asked about my blood sugar, and then told me that he is coming to see my grandmother again from NC, tonight. Despite any frustration I may have with him, my uncle is the absolute kindest of my mother’s siblings, and I know that he loves me very much.

And that is the end of any even remotely nice things I say, today.

On to the third and final phone call thus far: my mother’s sister.

Now, let me begin with the first thing she said to me, which really was just a pilfered attempt at reassigning guilt in an offense manner. She asked me why I was even bothering to go back and forth to the hospital to stay with my grandmother.

My grandmother; a woman who speaks no English and can’t even get up to go to the bathroom on her own.


She said it so condescendingly too, as if I were just doing something unnecessary and distasteful. Well, excuse the fuck out of me for taking care of your mother. Maybe I should just leave her alone and stay in New York all the time. There’s an idea.

What’s sad is, that is true. My grandmother tells me all the time to just go home and leave her, and she wouldn’t be upset. That’s just depressing. She has accepted that no one has time for her.

Then my mother’s lovely sister proceeded to tell me that she was already coming this weekend, even if my brother hadn’t flipped out.


I am not a petulant four-year-old who will swallow your thinly veiled excuses.

Her tone was not at all nice, either. It was as though I am the villain in this situation. I ruined everything. I made gran stay in the hospital for two weeks. Yes, all me.

I did not call them or ask them to come. How about everyone take a good long look at their own behavior before fucking with my time?

That is aside from the fact that my mother’s other sister has not even fucking called to check on me, despite knowing that I’m under the weather in a myriad of ways. That’s fine; Her perrogative.

But for future reference, do keep in mind:

Karma is a relentless a son of a me.

God, I can only imagine how they would react if I admitted to being are-ace. The words “abomination” and “crazy” come to mind.

On with the show. Time to hit the ICU.

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