The “Brangelina” Break-up

Everyone is in an uproar because of the iconic couple dubbed “Brangelina” is breaking up. Yes, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have called it quits, and everyone is on the fritz.

Someone please explain why.

Why do people care so much about this relationship? We aren’t in it. Two people decided they don’t want to fucking be together, anymore. It is a sad attest to our blindness–people are being murdered left and right, and everyone is busy coming up with theories revolving around the break-up.

Here is my theory: They want to be apart.

That’s it, so let them fucking be apart. This doesn’t affect my life, and it doesn’t affect yours, either. These people do not even know or care about you.

Adele dedicated an entire concert to them. Er…why don’t you dedicate your concert to the people who are losing their lives in our country for little to no reason? Why is this even on your radar, when you aren’t even friends?

Here’s a reality check for all of you: Hollywood relationships do not last. They end. Time passes, and they fall apart for some reason or other.

I feel disgusting just dedicating a post to this, but it aggravates me to no end that, everywhere I turn, this topic is on the table. People are crying about it. They are crying. What the hell type of drama queen shit is this?

Brangelina just became Brad and Angelina. Kudos to them for lasting as long as they did.

Now, who gets the kids?


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