The Curious Case of the Caustic Corrupted Capitalist Consumerism

Perhaps one of my favorite arguments and/or rants has quite a lot to do with the evil that is capitalist America’s consumer mania that manipulates the masses. We are herded by big businesses that know how to make us desire something that is ultimately useless and overpriced. In fact, the higher the price, the more we want it, the more we chase it. The quality may be subpar, but our society has become so shallow and proud that we value only what isn’t easily had.

Look at the technology addiction that has captured our entire population. We buy computers, phones and games for ridiculous prices, only to toss them aside for a newer version that has no substantial advantage over the one we have just one year later. Take for example the new iPhone 7 that is coming out soon. The damn thing is made without a normal headphone jack, forcing the buyer to use Apple earbuds for their audio experience.

But people will still buy it.

Or coffee. It is not financially reasonable to buy a custom cup of coffee from a famous chain store–such as Starbucks–every day. But it is cool to go to Starbucks. Starbucks is the best coffee there is. No one can do better.

No, that’s what we call Group Think. The power of advertising is incredibly effective in ways that we could never imagine or accept.

We are even conned into believing that the best things in life are “free,” when in fact, absolutely nothing in life is free. That includes air, water and power.

Yes, air. You have to buy a place to breathe in, because loitering is illegal. Water? How about we put them in plastic bottles and sell them to you for unreasonable prices? And of course different waters come at different prices–as if there’s a fucking difference. The most expensive is the best, and that’s that.

Capitalism is not a bad thing. Capitalist societies, in theory, are positive and fruitful. However, enterprise culture in America has been bastardized. Consumer brain washing has caused an upheaval in the free body of the system, throwing a colossal wrench in a working machine. Categories have been created, and we have become addicted to wanting without needing and buying without affording.

Which digs us into holes of debt that we struggle to get out of later on. People blame it on taxes, expensive living and basically everything the government doesn’t do, but it isn’t just Big Brother’s fault. People have allowed themselves to be numb to harsh realities, and they are easily lulled into false sense of happiness through material objects that cost more than necessary.

I am writing this using an iPhone and proofreading it on a MacBook Air.

I may be part of the problem.

2 thoughts on “The Curious Case of the Caustic Corrupted Capitalist Consumerism

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