Self-Righteous Indignation Post

I can say with utmost confidence at this point that I am out of ideas. I’m out of rants. I’m out of outlandish ideas and skewed corroborated morals. I don’t know what to argue with the world about, anymore.

And let’s face it; I’m just typing out all of these particular sentences so I can think of something that I want to display my righteous indignation. Self-righteous indignation, of course.

I still can’t think of anything. This is proving to be a struggle. Have I run out of things I hate? Absolutely not. I hate many, many things. This is depressing. I guess my heart’s just not in it, today.

That’s aside from the fact that I am doing this instead of working.

Because fuck work. See if I care.

Just kidding. Please don’t fire me, boss.

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