Friendship Ain’t Always Friendly

Sometimes really good friends turn into the type of people you fucking hate talking to. Their name comes up on your screen and you cringe, because you have no desire to converse with them. You know what they’re going to talk about.

“Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me.”

Then you say something about yourself, and that lasts all of five messages, and then it’s back to the other person going on and on about something stupid as fuck that pertains only to them. They don’t ask how you are, they don’t want to know if something is wrong, they don’t want to talk about you, and they damn fucking sure don’t care about YOUR problems. Maybe they once did, but right now, it’s all about them. How dare you have issues when they’re talking?

Who the fuck do you think you are to think you matter somehow? This is a behavior-centered anti-therapeutic friendship.

Should you insert a comment about myself to attempt to redirect?

Honey, don’t you do it.

I’m a little more vulgar than usual, today.

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