A New Democracy: One-Party Two-Party Three-Party Four

How many people are responsible for?
Donald J. Trump.
Because you fucked up, America.

People seem to be confused. DJT was not just voted in by racist ‘Murica-dwellers of the redneck variety. They are not just the Louisiana Purchase States inhabitants. No, he was tossed in by the following people: educated conservatives (yes democrats, they exist), liberals who hate Hillary, liberals who hate the Democratic party and undecided voters who were put down and ostracized by Hillary and her band of followers.

You can blame those of us who chose not to vote at all, but that’s your prerogative.

I am a liberal. I am not part of the Democratic Party, nor do I associate with them, nor do I back them, nor do I pledge allegiance to their flag–because their flag is not the star-spangled banner for My Country ‘Tis of Thee.

Except for Obama, and seriously, fuck me for that shit.

I wanted a black president, because apparently I’m suddenly a racist jerk and see color.

Regardless, the two-party system is what got us here, because our choices were so limited that people chose not to vote rather than to partake in an election that was controlled by powers higher than themselves. The general election may have been a fair fight, but the road to this result was not. It was a classic mandate for the voter to pick his or her own poison, eliminating the true definition of democracy and replacing it with a pseudo-democratic only near-freedom of choice.

Because it’s common belief that third parties don’t stand a chance, leading voters to shy away from even trying and succumbing to a system we fundamentally reject.

We need to stop pointing fingers and calling each other names simply because we think we’re in the right. Being aggressive is what ruins us. Refusing to listen is what creates silent enemies who hide in the voting booth.

And on my original point, I will say this, not being a democrat does not make a person anti-progressive, or anti-liberal or even neoliberal. Democrats have a whole slew of heinous crimes that violate civil rights that they have yet to admit to, and a fun-ton of people are not blind to them.

But that’s another story.

Because you see, being a liberal does not make you a democrat
And being a democrat does not make you a liberal.
In case anyone was confused.

“Democracy! Democracy!” yelled the group of the royal ass.
We instantly believe you.

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