Hit Me and Run

I got into a car accident, yesterday. The guy on the other side of the divider made a left turn against his red light. I was too close to the light to brake fast enough, and he didn’t make it. I hit the back of his car.

Number one lesson to take away from this: DON’T turn left when your light is RED. I don’t care how far you think the other cars are. FOLLOW TRAFFIC LIGHT LAWS!

The EMT who checked me out said if I had been going 5-10 MPH faster, I would have died.

The accident was ruled the other driver’s fault, but he didn’t get hurt. I, however, hit my head on the window hard enough for my world to spin. I couldn’t see straight, and I have no idea how I managed to pull over. I got out of the car, but I was falling all over myself, and my knees were throbbing with pain.

And the prick didn’t even try to see if I was okay, or not.

But I’m alive. It’s okay. That’s all that matters.

Let me proceed to the actual issue, here. Why the hell does health insurance not cover car accidents? I pay you thousands of dollars a month for you to pay when I get my body fucked up, but there’s fine print upon fine print upon fine print. What the hell type of insanity is this?

GEICO calls me and lets me know that I have to pay $2,500 for my hospital stay, and they would cover what’s left.


Not only am I the one whose car and body was trashed beyond her own control, but I also have to pay for someone else’s mistake? I suppose I should have just lay on the grass and let karma keep count, because I can’t afford to be treated. Is there no justice in this here United States of America, of ours?

So far, every pleasantly bitter tasting injury with a groovy scar I’ve been served has been an issue with the insurance company, and I end up paying. We’re being cheated from so many different con artists, and we don’t even know it. It’s not even on our radar.

No. Instead we’re running around crying about a necklace Melania Trump gave Michelle Obama.

Why do you even care?

But that’s a different rant for a different day. I personally could not give less of a damn about anything anyone’s handing over to anyone else.

Unless you’re paying for my insurance, your dastardly underhanded capitalistic exchanges don’t matter, to me.

Red Forman’s right. This country’s in the crapper.

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