High School Principal Declares School Cannot Choose Sides in the History vs. Mystery War of the Holocaust

Let’s set the scene:

Florida. 2019. Slavery has been abolished. Racism is frowned upon. Documented Historical events are accepted as truth.

And yet, an educated humanoid in The Sunshine State of the Free World expressed that his school could not take sides or force the student body to accept the Holocaust as an absolute part of history.

One of the parents had spoken up and asked why the genocide was not in the school’s history curriculum, and her kid’s dear old headmaster claimed that there are many differing opinions on what the true story is, and the school couldn’t lean either way.

Just like schools couldn’t “lean either way” back when Scope was having his students get down with evolution.

Just like schools can’t “lean either way” when discussing Donald Trump’s behaviorClimate change.

After receiving an unwelcome response to his comments, the principal hastily expressed that he was not saying that he did not believe in the holocaust, but rather that the school was avoiding controversial topics to keep conflict at bay.

Basically, some of us believe in Roswell, and others don’t, but no one is going to force kids to pop the champaign for the next UFO that visits our planet.

Say hello to the green little men. We’re just trying to be hospitable.

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