We Do NOT Speak Ill of Tom Brady

There are three unquestionable rules of friendship:

We do not Speak ill of Tom Brady.
We do not speak ill of Dez Bryant.
We do not speak ill of Aaron Rodgers.

Tom Brady: Anyone who doesn’t like Tom Brady is just a hater. This guy’s the QB of the team that’s clinched its division and gained home game advantage in the AFC. He has thrown 33 touchdowns and passed 4,000 yards, but haters goin’ hate, Tom.

Dez Bryant: holding ninth place in passing yardage in the NFL this year, scoring 14 touchdowns–the highest number this season–and racking up 1,221 yards to date. As far as Wide Receivers go, this guy is definitely my personal MVWR.

Aaron Rodgers: The Packers haven’t been doing the absolute best in the NFL this season, but they’ve been holding their own. They’re 11-4 and second in the NFC North division. Sure, there are better QBs than Rodgers, BUT he has been a consistently good player. He didn’t have a huge dip between seasons, unlike like the Manning brothers (seriously, Peyton?). Plus, he did throw more three more touchdowns and four less interceptions than Tom Brady this season. He also doubled the number of TDs he passed last year. He’s talented, and a little underrated.

Since the play-offs are on deck, I’ll be ranting about the NFL from now until February’s Arizona Super Bowl.

That is all.

Wallace Gilberry Money Sign Sack Celebration

Cincinnati Bengals 30
Cleveland Browns 0

Among the most talked about NFL game moments this season is the Cincinatti Bengals defensive end Wallace Gilberry’s “money sign” celebration after sacking Cleveland Browns QB Johnny “Football” Manziel in yesterday’s game.

Now, aside from the fact that it is absolutely obnoxious that it is being talked about repeatedly on almost every sports network–that’s enough ESPN–I cannot fathom why Gilberry is celebrating so hard like he just won the Super Bowl.

Listen. This sack was nothing special. A rookie QB playing for a 7-7 AFC team getting sacked by a DE on a 9-4-1 AFC team holding the number one spot in their division is not groundbreaking. You were basically playing yourselves, Cincinnati.

And Manziel and his confused fans should stop crying about Gilberry stealing his “signature” celebration move. Have you never seen a troll, before?

Manziel did make a statement about the game taking some of the blame for the loss, which was big of him to admit it.

Not that everyone wasn’t already thinking it.

And I would respect it if he hadn’t sounded so incredibly pretentious while he said it and pretend he didn’t even see Gilberry’s signature sign steal.

“I’m not using the rookie excuse,” he said, and then proceeded to blame being new for the failure on the field.

Okay, Johnny F. Say it with a little more conviction, and maybe we’ll believe you.

Or maybe I’m just a biased Bengals fan with a hidden agenda.

It’s a lame celebration move anyway, Manziel. You can do better than that.

Or perhaps go back to baseball.

It’s really about time everyone got over the whole thing so it can just blow over. The Browns aren’t going anywhere this season, anyway, so stop talking about it.

I may be part of the problem.

Buffalo Bills Be Cheatin’

Buffalo Bills 43
New York Jets 23

Did anyone see this little gem from the Jets/Bills game a few weeks ago? I don’t have much to say about this because the video below just speaks for itself.

I think Richardson’s entire train of thought at this moment consisted of, “Mother F***** we are 1-6 get that football back where the hell it came from or so help me–”

Or at least something along the lines of:

Man, I love football.

The Eagles’ Entirely Evil Existence and Eventual End

In case the title didn’t make it painfully obvious, I hate the Eagles.

Sorry, not sorry.

Halfway through that first sentence I realized that I am so passionate about football, but that isn’t reflected anywhere on this tiny tidbit of the internet that I happen to own. That’s why there’s now an NFL tab.

Anyway, I am currently having difficulty accepting that they are first in the NFC East division. Above the Cowboys. Who lost. Today. Horribly. 28-17. Against the Cardinals. Who are 7-1.


Don’t misunderstand. I am not a Cowboys fan. I am a diehard, bleed blue, honest-to-god Giants fan. It absolutely kills me that Eli Manning has thrown 14 Touchdowns in seven games to Nick Foles’ 12 in eight, and we are still second-to-last in the division.

But that’s not the point. Despite my ill feelings toward his team, I have a mild amount of respect for Nick Foles. So many people are ragging on him, but at least he’s been doing his job. Eagles fans would do well to remember their team’s failures in all of the previous years with Michael Vick on deck as head honcho.

And now the poor guy’s clavicle is injured. He was forced to leave today’s game against the Texans before the second half, but the Eagles still managed to win, and Foles’ lynch mob has been given more reason to hate his guts.

What, so Mark Sanchez’s two touchdowns are now evidence that Nick Foles is not the big—or even part of–reason that the Eagles are suddenly remembering their namesake was born with wings?

And again, though I dislike Chip kelly, I think he made a commendable decision keeping Nick Foles as starting quarterback this season. Good ol’ number nine pulled his weight last year, and his efforts to do so again this year have been pretty solid.

And that will be the last positive thing I say about the Eagles.

They’re playing the Panthers next week (who have been on a sad losing streak since their tie with the Bangals in week six) and, unfortunately, I predict a big win for Philly on that one.

But I’ve been wrong before.

Here’s hopin’.

I would say no offense to the Eagles fans, but I mean, let’s face it, no one would believe that I mean it.

Because I don’t.

But if a potential employer who is a diehard Eagles fan and hates anyone who isn’t happens to be reading this, well, your team still sucks.


Hakim Nicks, Yay or Nay?

After playing a nothing short of dreadful season, New York Giants wide RECEIVER Hakeem Nicks is on the market as a free agent, and it doesn’t look like Coughlin’s team will be welcoming him back into their ranks in 2014.

At first glance, getting rid of Nicks seems like a viable move for the Giants. He hasn’t proved to be an asset to the team at all this season. In fact, Nicks’ scoring record has been slowly declining on a yearly basis for several seasons thus far. In 2010, Nicks scored eleven touchdowns playing for New York. In 2011, he scored seven and in 2012 he only managed three, but 2013 takes the cake with a total of zero touchdowns in the 15 games he started.

Aside from his issues on the field, Nicks has displayed troublesome behavior this season, missing treatment sessions, consistently being late for practice and meetings and being fined multiple times. Nicks is also reportedly on the outs with Giants quarterback Eli Manning, displaying some passive aggressive behavior toward his fellow teammate on and off the field.

All of these things suggest that seeing the back of Nicks in 2014 can only mean good things for the Giants next season. However, this may not necessarily be true. For one thing, blaming Nicks for lack of scoring isn’t entirely fair. Look at how Manning has played this season. He hasn’t exactly been Mr. Perfect Passer, has he? He himself hasn’t been playing too well, either.

Manning only managed to toss 18 touchdowns to last season’s 26. In fact, this was the first season in the last nine that he passed for fewer than 20 TDs. He also threw 27 interceptions, an all-time high for the former Super Bowl MVP.

Nicks is also taking heat because he is being outshined by wide RECEIVER Victor Cruz, which is incredibly unfair. Yes, unlike Nicks, Cruz managed to score this season, but it was only four touchdowns. His performance was hardly outstanding, statistically speaking. Like Nicks, Cruz’s scoring has dramatically decreased since last season.

In all fairness, Nicks has made a couple of terrific plays this season. In a game against the Washington Redskins, Nicks jumped and caught a beautiful 35-yard pass from Manning in the second quarter. He also caught a 43-yard pass in a game against the Chargers in week 14.

Obviously, the guy still has some moves.

Perhaps it’s Eli who needs to step up, or maybe Coughlin has been off his game, lately. Regardless of Nicks’ indiscretions, he is still a good player. The Giants really can’t afford to lose someone who has talent and has proved his worth in the past.

These are the same players who took it all the way in 2011, but somewhere along the line, every one of them started falling short. After a season of unfortunate events, the entire team could use a makeover in both defense and offense, but cutting a good player is definitely not the way to do it.

Link: http://www.yardbarker.com/nfl/articles/new_york_giants_hakeem_nicks_yay_or_nay/15672440